Yellow Fever in Congo

Congo is one of the most endowed country in Central Africa with minerals and fertile agricultural land.Despite this resources her citizens live in abject poverty.This is because of political instability which has affected the country for long time now.Due to this condition several diseases which can be controlled has became a big problem killing several people.The latest being yellow fever.Ebola has been reported also in the past and several other diseases.

Yellow fever has been declared an epidemic by ministry of health of Congo recently this is after killing more than 350 people which is the worst outbreak in decades.Congo has recorded 1798 cases since the start of the out break in January.

T he government of Congo has started vaccination with support from WHO targeting more than 10 million people.This is a good move though the  shortage of vaccines reported recently by WHO is discouraging since this may lead to more deaths.Health organization should come up with long term solution to this problem.



Dangerous Type of Meningitis Reported

Zoonotic bacterium that causes infection to human and pigs known as Streptococcus suis has been reported in Thailand.The condition was reported as septic meningitis which is serotype 24.The disease killed a baby of 2 years old after experiencing a fever for 3 days,vomiting,rash development and stiff neck.Physical examination showed temperature was 39.5 C,Oxygen saturation was 80% and blood pressure was 94/55 mm Hg which is indicative of severe respiratory failure.

This strain of meningitis pose a threat due to its virulent.This calls for immediate response from  organizations concern with health like WHO before the situation get out of control.The rate of mutation of bacteria and virus has greatly increased due to misuse of antibacterial and antiviral  drugs.Governments together with WHO and other health organization should come up with measures to control the use of antibacterial drugs to avoid misuse which later brings about mutation of bacterial strains hence became resistant to drugs.


Porn Health Hazard?

According to Google search engine porn is the most popular searched topic leading by almost double the common topics like weather and translation combined.Porn contents have come in different terms like ;xxx,adult movies and etc.Most people have been victims of this porn contents youth being the most affected.The youth of the current generation is twice vulnerable to sexual immorality compared to those of past generation thanks to the fast and accessible internet.

The spread of HIV/AIDS has been stimulated by the porn content in the internet, youths being the main victims.Sub-Saharan Africa is the most affected by HIV/AIDS in the world with approximately 24.7 million people living with the virus.There is about 1.5 million new infection in 2013 alone.Young women being the most affected due to relationship among older men.This behavior is linked to poverty  among the young women.The male youths  are infected by the female of their age who have already acquired the disease from older men.

The main cause of increase in new infection of HIV/AIDS among the youth is facilitated by internet porn contents , TV movies and adverts.This calls for more programs to create awareness among the youths.Children as young as 9 years already knows how to access internet.This shows why new infection of HIV can even increase among the teenage and young generation due to internet.


Zika Virus Prevention

Zika virus is a viral infection spread by Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus mosquitoes.It was first discovered in Zika forest in Uganda.The disease so far has no cure nor vaccine and therefore prevention is the best method to control.It can also be spread through sex,pregnant mother to fetus (infection during pregnancy causes fatal birth defects to the fetus) and probably blood transfusion though not proved.

The disease is linked to brain malformation of fetus called microcephaly,eye defect ,hearing impairement and other body defects.Therefore awareness among the pregnant mothers has to be implemented.The disease is currently common in South America and has caused brain malformation to several children being born by mothers with the infection.


  • Avoid the mosquitoes by sleeping inside the treated net
  • Avoid sex or if you must just use condom
  • Screening  blood before transfusion
  • Pregnant mothers should seek medical advice from the doctor


New Hope For HIV/AIDS Cure

Medical researches from South African and North American better known as CAPRISA have ignited a new hope for managing a monster disease which has now swallowed our brothers,our sisters,parents,spouses ,children-the list is long   for almost four decades now.The young generation has a high risk of new infection especially in sub-Saharan Africa.The immorality among  the young generation is the main cause of new infection therefore more sensitization programs has to be done to ensure reduction of new infection.

The major challenge for sensitization programs is funding from donors who have not provide their support fully with some western countries reducing their funds for the first time.Thanks to U.S. government who has contributed so much in fight against HIV/AIDS for long period of time now.Other developed countries should also provide their support to eradicate this disease.

Corruption has been the major set back in the fight against HIV/AIDS in African countries,leaders should come out strongly and fight against the misuse of funds meant for fighting the disease.This will help us to realize our goal of eradicating the disease.