26 People Infected with Escherichia coli in 21 States

Flour produced by General  Mills in Kansas City, Missouri, has been linked to cause infection of Escherichia coli strains (E.coli 0121 or E.coli 026).People get ill after eating raw dough  or raw batter.Several children reported playing with raw dough at restaurants get sick.

Eating raw dough and raw batter has been linked to illness and outbreaks  in the past.As investigation by CDC is on going this is the first multistate outbreak of E.coli infection linked to flour.


Zika Vaccine Might be Available Soon

Scientists from U.S has found out that three different experimental vaccines for Zika virus are safe and effective in monkeys.Although the human trial have not yet been done the researchers say the results in monkeys is a major step towards making the vaccines.Monkeys have always been used as the best models to gauge the effectiveness of the vaccines and its safety to human.

In the research carried out by Dr.Dan  Barouch(among others)who is the director in Center for Virology and Vaccines Research at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston,they immunized rhesus monkeys with three different experimental vaccines.One is known as Purified Inactivated Virus(PIV) which contained a killed Zika virus.This is the  common way to create a vaccine.The other two are new approaches:DNA Vaccine and Vector Vaccine which so far have not been approved.It uses a modified cold virus to introduce Zika proteins to the immune system.

During the study,the three turned out to trigger the monkey’s immune system to produce Zika-fighting antibodies.All the three protected the animals from infection whenever they were exposed to the virus.

Zika epidemic has been declared by World Health Organization public health emergency hence the need for development of the vaccine.Latin American is the most affected by the virus,Brazil having the majority of the infection.Some cases reported in Florida recently has caused alarm in U.S therefore development of Zika vaccine will be a big relieve.

Zika Virus reported in Antigua and Barbuda

Zika virus has been reported in Antigua and Barbuda regions.With local mosquitoes transmission of the virus, the people in the region are at risk of being infected.The symptoms of the virus include ;fever,joint pain,rash and red eyes.

CDC has given recommendation to guide in preventing the spread of the disease between the people within the region and those traveling to the region.

      Measures To Stop The Spread of Zika Virus

  • Preventing mosquito bites by:-covering exposed skin by wearing long sleeved shirts and pants ,use EPA registered insect repellents containing DEET ,picaridin,oil of lemon eucalyptus and should be used as directed by the manufacturer.
  •  Permethrin-treated clothing and gear should be used.
  •  Mosquito nets should be used always when sleeping.
  • If possible stay in places with air conditioning with windows and door screens to keep mosquitoes outside.
  • Avoid sex or use condoms
  • Women who are pregnant should not travel to Antigua and Barbuda

Although many people who are infected with Zika virus do not show signs of sickness it can lead or trigger Guillain-Barre Syndrome(GBS) which is a rare disorder which can cause muscle weakness and paralysis for  weeks to even several months.Most people however recover from GBS but some have permanent damage.

New Type 2 Diabetes Medication Now Available

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the use of Adlyxin(lixisenatide) which is the  injectable drug use to treat type 2 diabetes in  adults.The drug is injected once daily and is used together with diet and exercise for its effectiveness to improve blood sugar level in patients.After the reviewed 10 clinical trials FDA concluded that Adlyxin helps to normalize blood sugar level.

Adlyxin belong to a class of drugs called glucagon-like peptide-1(GLP-1)receptor agonists.Adlyxin is not suppose to be used by patients with type 1 diabetes and those with high levels of ketones in their blood or urine.

Some common side effects associated with Adlyxin include vomiting,headache,dizziness,diarrhea and nausea as reported by FDA.Hypoglycemia(low blood sugar) occurred in patients who took both Adlyxin and other diabetes drugs such as sulfonylureas.Some people also showed severe  hypersensitiveness and also serious allergic reaction.

This drug will boost health of type 2 diabetes despite having some side effects considering that over 29 million people in American alone have type 2 diabetes which is over 90% of diabetes cases.

Measuring Blood Viral RNA Might be Important in MERS-CoV Diagnosis

MERS-CoV  stands for Middle East Respiratory  Syndrome Coronavirus Infection which is a zoonotic disease identified in Saudi Arabia for the first time in 2012.MERS-CoV causes respiratory and renal illness in human.Infection is also linked to progression to pneumonia,renal failure and sometimes causes acute respiratory distress syndrome.In extreme condition it causes death.

In 2015 there was a large out break of MERS-CoV in South Korea.With latest research carried out by scientists from South Korea it has shed some light to importance of measuring blood viral RNA when carrying out MERS-CoV diagnosis in order to determine severity of the disease.

World Hepatitis Day

Today is World Hepatitis Day.What is hepatitis?hepatitis is a condition characterized by inflammation of the liver .It may occur without symptoms or may lead to jaundice ,poor appetite and fatigue.It is caused by hepatitis viruses though other infections ,alcohols or drugs and autoimmune diseases also can cause. This day  should also mark our day of assessment as governments,health professionals,health organizations and especially World Health Organization(WHO) to know how much we have gain in fighting the disease.If the report released by WHO is anything to go by then it shows there is nothing which has been done to fight hepatitis in terms of sensitization.

With report released by WHO over 400 million people are infected with hepatitis B and hepatitis C.Only 5% of this people know that they are infected with hepatitis B&C while 95% do not know they are infected.WHO has failed in its  mandate to provide  good health to humanity.The people especially from developing countries are dying every year because of hepatitis.What have WHO done to stop  death of humanity?with presence of vaccines yet some countries(especially poor countries) do not access the vaccines what have  WHO done to spread the vaccines to those countries?

Its time for  WHO to deliver its mandate not by writings we always see but by action to reduce the death caused by hepatitis.

American Teens at High Risk for Diabetes

black obeseA new study carried out by Social&Scientific Systems in Silver Spring in U.S shows that many teens are either diabetic or prediabetic.Both type 1 and type 2 diabetes are reported to be found among the young people.Type 1 is commonly an autoimmune disease while type 2 is related to life style .Type 2 is mostly associated with older adults.This findings  are  alarming  as young people are not expected to be linked to such disease associated with old people.

The study further reveal that Black Americans are at high risk compared to whites.This shows that life style among the youths in U.S do not encourage exercises and gym to burn the cholesterol.This kind of life style with minimal physical activity will lead to other diseases such as blood pressure,heart attack and kidney dysfunction.

With the technology changing so fast youths are the most affected most of them spent a lot of their time in the internet especially social media.They have less time or none at all to do some physical activities.The kind of food they like i.e sugary and fatty foods  also encourage obesity among the youth.

Government has to introduce more education about type 2 diabetes and its prevention for better management of the disease.Parents also have a role to play by ensuring their children are involved in physical activities.Also the kind of food they prepare for their children should have low fats,sugar and salts.