7 Facts About Microorganisms

Microorganisms are found in every habitat in nature.Some  are of beneficial to human and other animals but others are pathogenic and therefore cause diseases.The following are facts about microorganisms:

  • Microorganisms causes more than 9o% of diseases(pathogenic)

Several diseases which has hound human race for long time is caused by microorganisms eg,Leprosy,which is the oldest compared to the most recent like Zika,Ebola and HIV/AIDS.Others include Meningitis and Yellow fever the list is long.

  • They help human and animals in several ways i.e digestion of food in the gut,used in some industries to ferment  milk and others are used in manufacturing industries.They also play a role in breaking down of dead organisms.
  • They are the most abundant spicies on Earth
  • Their rate of mutation is so high that they become resistant to drugs within a shortest time.
  • Its hard to be eradicated hence has became nuisance to human beings and animals appearing and disappearing.
  • Vaccines are commonly used to prevent its spread.
  • Alcohol is the most effective used agent to kill microorganisms

Author: healthfeels

Medical Researcher and Author based in Nairobi.Writing about health matters.

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