World Hepatitis Day

Today is World Hepatitis Day.What is hepatitis?hepatitis is a condition characterized by inflammation of the liver .It may occur without symptoms or may lead to jaundice ,poor appetite and fatigue.It is caused by hepatitis viruses though other infections ,alcohols or drugs and autoimmune diseases also can cause. This day  should also mark our day of assessment as governments,health professionals,health organizations and especially World Health Organization(WHO) to know how much we have gain in fighting the disease.If the report released by WHO is anything to go by then it shows there is nothing which has been done to fight hepatitis in terms of sensitization.

With report released by WHO over 400 million people are infected with hepatitis B and hepatitis C.Only 5% of this people know that they are infected with hepatitis B&C while 95% do not know they are infected.WHO has failed in its  mandate to provide  good health to humanity.The people especially from developing countries are dying every year because of hepatitis.What have WHO done to stop  death of humanity?with presence of vaccines yet some countries(especially poor countries) do not access the vaccines what have  WHO done to spread the vaccines to those countries?

Its time for  WHO to deliver its mandate not by writings we always see but by action to reduce the death caused by hepatitis.


Author: healthfeels

Medical Researcher and Author based in Nairobi.Writing about health matters.

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