Dangerous Type of Meningitis Reported

Zoonotic bacterium that causes infection to human and pigs known as Streptococcus suis has been reported in Thailand.The condition was reported as septic meningitis which is serotype 24.The disease killed a baby of 2 years old after experiencing a fever for 3 days,vomiting,rash development and stiff neck.Physical examination showed temperature was 39.5 C,Oxygen saturation was 80% and blood pressure was 94/55 mm Hg which is indicative of severe respiratory failure.

This strain of meningitis pose a threat due to its virulent.This calls for immediate response from  organizations concern with health like WHO before the situation get out of control.The rate of mutation of bacteria and virus has greatly increased due to misuse of antibacterial and antiviral  drugs.Governments together with WHO and other health organization should come up with measures to control the use of antibacterial drugs to avoid misuse which later brings about mutation of bacterial strains hence became resistant to drugs.


Author: healthfeels

Medical Researcher and Author based in Nairobi.Writing about health matters.

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