New Hope For HIV/AIDS Cure

Medical researches from South African and North American better known as CAPRISA have ignited a new hope for managing a monster disease which has now swallowed our brothers,our sisters,parents,spouses ,children-the list is long   for almost four decades now.The young generation has a high risk of new infection especially in sub-Saharan Africa.The immorality among  the young generation is the main cause of new infection therefore more sensitization programs has to be done to ensure reduction of new infection.

The major challenge for sensitization programs is funding from donors who have not provide their support fully with some western countries reducing their funds for the first time.Thanks to U.S. government who has contributed so much in fight against HIV/AIDS for long period of time now.Other developed countries should also provide their support to eradicate this disease.

Corruption has been the major set back in the fight against HIV/AIDS in African countries,leaders should come out strongly and fight against the misuse of funds meant for fighting the disease.This will help us to realize our goal of eradicating the disease.

Author: healthfeels

Medical Researcher and Author based in Nairobi.Writing about health matters.

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